Youth group seminar 7/10

7월 10일 중고등부 연합 예배후에 12:30부터 “진화론과 믿음”이란 주제로 세미나를 하게 됩니다.

강사: Dr. Peter Park (Professor of Biology @ Nyack College
언제: 7월 10일 12:30-1:15pm

Dr. Park은 우리 EM member중에 한분으로 하나님의 눈으로 과학을 관찰하고 풀어나가려고 하는 아주 열정있는 학자 이십니다. 진화론과 하나님의 창조론에 대해서 너무나 궁금해 하는 학생들에게 좋은 배움의 시간이 될것입니다.

아래는 강의 내용의 abstract입니다.

Making Sense of Science and Faith: Evolution’s Place in Christianity.

Peter J. Park (19June2011, Shine Hall- Arumdaun Church)

Evolution is the process of change in organisms through modification of a common ancestor. Does this concept conflict with the foundational beliefs of Christianity? Is evolution really “just a theory”? Tensions have arisen between parties that have adopted different worldviews about science’s place in religion and vice versa. This issue persists in the form of an intellectual battle among politicians, teachers, pastors, and scientists. Today, it is being fought in our nation’s classrooms. What are the potential consequences of this “debate” for our youth? As a Christian and an evolutionary biologist, I care deeply about whether this “controversy” between science and faith can be reconciled. I will share my views. The scientific community accepts that evolution is the unifying framework of all of biology. What does the Christian community believe? Both the Bible and evolution offer answers to life’s most important questions: Why are we here? Who are we related to? How does life change? And, these are questions we begin to ask as children and keep asking as we age. Who is right? Who is wrong? Or, more importantly, what is being misunderstood?

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